Air New Zealand Introduces “Cuddle Class”

How bitter are we unwashed masses when we board a long flight and see those smug bastards in first and business class reclining on a bed with a down comforter, while we slog on back to our cramped economy seats? When we do take our seat next to the snogging couple or the mom with a crying baby, our only relief is to hit the recline button and push back about four to five inches. That is not reclining, darn it! Well, Air New Zealand wants to help. They think that all people, rich or poor, should have the right to recline. That’s why they are introducing “cuddle class,” a section of the plane with three seat blocks that function as a bed. The seats can partially recline and three separate foot platforms can be raised to create a makeshift couch. This is great for couples and families because the third seat in the row comes at half price, so it’s like buying a ride on an air couch for the price of two and a half seats. Also, for families with kids, the couch can serve as a great play area. Imagine all of the happy babies crawling and playing (not crying) and all of the lovey-dovey couples doing it on the couch instead of in the bathroom. Wait, that’s kind of gross, but at least you don’t have to sit next to them. Air New Zealand’s first batch of “cuddle class” planes is coming this year. Here’s hoping that other airlines will follow suit. [Daily Mail]