Why We’ll Line Up To See “Blue Valentine”

Blue Valentine” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday, and while the crux of the movie seems a little depressing — a married couple trying to save their relationship — Amelia and I are excited to see it, but for very different reasons …Amelia’s Reasons For Wanting To See “Blue Valentine”: I would watch Ryan Gosling give himself a colonic (sexy!), so you know I will be seeing this movie the first night. Besides possessing the ability to make my eyeballs drool, Ryan is one of those incredibly hot actors who actually makes very wise career choices. His repertoire is varied — there are thrillers (“Fracture,” “Murder By Numbers”), indie gems (“Lars and the Real Girl,” “Half Nelson”), and chick flicks (“The Notebook”) — but always good. While “Blue Valentine” looks like a guaranteed tearjerker — in an “ugh, is there any point to love?” way, not a “death by heartbreak” way (à la “The Notebook”) — my faith in Ryan as an actor (and girl-boner-giver) indicates the waterworks will be worth it.

Catherine’s Reasons For Wanting To See “Blue Valentine”: Michelle Williams is one of my very favorite stylish stars, only she’s one of those celebrities who has managed to stay away from the paparazzi’s lenses. Since she doesn’t live in L.A. and isn’t photographed regularly, I love when she’s out promoting a new film and we get to see what she’s wearing. Plus, her characters tend to have cute clothes — either that or Michelle just makes the characters she plays seem like they have cute clothes. I wanted to dress like a homeless girl living out of her car after seeing her in “Wendy & Lucy,” so I’ll likely find a few style notes to take away from “Blue Valentine,” even if it does end up being the most depressing movie ever.