What Does A “Jersey Shore” Bank Account Look Like?

The cast of the “Jersey Shore” might have made minimum wage working at the surf shop this summer, but they’re holding out for big bucks to star in season two. MTV offered Snooki, Pauly D, The Situation, and the rest of the crew a signing bonus of $10K plus $5K per episode, for a 12-episode season. The cast said fuhgeddaboutit to that low-ball offer, and made it clear that they are playing as a team on this one. MTV has reportedly upped the offer to $10K per episode and told the cast that they have until the end of the day today to sign—anyone without a contract will be replaced. No word yet on what our favorite guidos and guidettes will do, but we think MTV is way out of line on this. They supposedly paid Lauren Conrad $75K per episode of “The Hills,” and threw $63K per episode at her replacement, Kristin Cavallari. Heck, even Audrina makes $35K per episode. And let’s just say California rich girls are way more interchangeable than the genius chemistry between the seven housemates of “Jersey Shore.” [TMZ]

And it’s not like the show is these kids’ sole source of income anymore.At the beginning of December, when the show first aired, the Jersey Shorians pulled in $2,000 for appearances in clubs and at parties. Now they’re making about $10K per gig and booking multiples in a night. [CNN]

Over the weekend, the crew made an appearance at the 501 Lounge in New Jersey, and more than 2,000 people showed up to the small venue, requiring the cops to be called to break it up. [NY Daily News]

And most of the cast mates haven’t even rolled out their personal money-making schemes, with the exception of JWoww, who’s been hawking yellow skank-tops at $49.99 per pop. She’s already sold out.

So MTV, quit being cheap and offer up some more cash. We will take no replacements. [CNN]