Want To Take A Really, Really Expensive Bath?

For the wealthy with a bit of a spending problem, here’s another way to waste a fair amount of money. For the small sum of $50,000, you can enjoy “The World’s Most Expensive Bath.” But this is one bathing experience you’ll need to plan ahead for, since the water needs a whole two months to um, marinate. Mix H2O harvested from 15,000-year-old glaciers with Hawaiian deep sea water from 3,000 miles below the ocean’s surface, add costly Sidr honey, Peruvian pink salt, three kinds of natural oils and butters, plop in a bit of 24 karat gold, of course, and you’ve got an awfully fancy bath. Your cleansing moment won’t take place in a regular porcelain tub–that’s just too low class. You’ll be languishing in a sterling silver bathing receptacle. Sounds glamorous! And insanely wasteful. [Shecky’s]

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