The Massage Me Vest: How Geeks Get It On

While there are certain nerd-friendly items that are guaranteed turn-offs, here’s one that’s manufactured to do the exact opposite. The Massage Me controller is a vest that one partner wears, and the other uses as a video game controller, pressing into the massagee’s back like you would buttons to advance your game. This might be the perfect device to improve any relationship. Instead of yelling at him for being a video game-playing couch potato, you can now join in the fun, and even get a head start on your foreplay for when the ninth round of Donkey Kong finally comes around and he’s had enough.

The designers of the vest explain that for the optimal experience, “The best massages come from playing games that require the player to press a lot of buttons and combinations.” So you can bet that if he can master that, then he has to be skilled elsewhere. [Gizmodo]