The Best Way To Humiliate Both Yourself And Your Pet

Anyone who happens to own a dog and live in a concrete jungle knows there are certain challenges the urban environment presents. Without a yard, it’s hard to simply let a dog be a dog, and especially for childless 20- and 30-somethings, the animal can often become a surrogate child. In this situation, as detailed in this week’s New York cover story, we tend to project questionable human qualities on our four-legged companions. But nowhere is this potential misstep more disturbingly reflected than in the new Pup-to-go, which is basically an outward-facing baby carrier marketed for canine owners. (And let’s reiterate canine here, because there is no way a cat would stand for this brand of humiliation.) While some city dwellers insist this is a great solution to toting small dogs around, we have to say, there is a fine line folks, and if you’re carrying your dog in a “pupoose,” you have totally, irrevocably crossed it. [Daily Mail]