Notes From Sundance, Take 3: Squeal-Inducing Sightings

Four days into Sundance, and I am finally starting to see celebrities places other than on the red carpet. First, I saw Ben Affleck sampling the pub grub at one of the posher restaurants on Park City’s bucolic Main Street. He’s starring in “Company Men”—a flick about a corporation that’s failing despite everything Ben’s character and his coworkers do—but I kinda like Sir Affleck better in cozy mountain gear than in a business suit.Another exciting spotting for the day: LeVar Burton, aka Geordi from “Star Trek the Next Generation,” rocking a surprisingly sexy five o’clock shadow and bopping to a “Sweet Caroline” remix by DJ Mike Reynolds at Tweet House, sponsored by Twitter. Even if you’re not a “Star Trek” girl, you probably remember LeVar coaxing you to read children’s books on public television’s “Reading Rainbow.” He’s here promoting Haitian relief donations, and looks mighty fine doing it.

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