Happy Sweet 16! I Got You A Maybach! Plus More Over-The-Top Gifts For Famous Teens

present justin combs jpg
It must be awesome to be Justin Dior Combs. Like, really awesome. This past weekend, at his sweet 16 birthday party, daddy Diddy greeted him with a humble gift—the keys to his very own Maybach. As if a huge birthday bash complete with all the extravagant amenities isn’t too much, does any kid really need a first car that costs $350,000? Who wants to make bets on how fast Justin will crash it? I can’t stop thinking about how many starving orphans could have been fed with that kind of money. Just to prove that he isn’t completely materialistic, Diddy also gave Justin a small check for $10,000, which will be donated to Haitian relief efforts. Nice gesture. But nope—it still doesn’t justify the Maybach. [PopEater] After the jump, some more over-the-top celebrity birthday gifts that make us want to puke. I mean, I was pretty thrilled when I got my grandparents’ old gas-guzzler for my 16th.
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