A Marriage Proposal For Books

Since I already posted an epic save-the-date video today, I thought it fitting to share an epic marriage proposal story to carry on the theme. Actually, this happens to be two stories in one. The guy, you see, a professional illustrator, spent eight months searching for the perfect engagement ring (a “100 year old brass ring with an art nouveau design carved into a piece of red coral”), and then proposed to his girlfriend by writing and illustrating a “magical little story for her that revolved around a story of the ring.” He created 22 drawings, secretly working on them for two weeks, and pasted them into a large antique book in which he was able to actually hide the engagement ring in a secret flap. On New Year’s Day, he presented the book to his girlfriend.

“As she read through the story and looked at my drawings I tried to guess if she knew how it was going to end. She flipped through slowly and I prepared my words when she got to the final page with the flap. I wish I could remember exactly what she said when she saw the ring and I proposed but I all I can remember is a very happy face and an excited reaction, and that her answer was something similar to ‘yes.'”

Damn, that beats the hell out of presenting a ring on a pile of food any day! [via Design*Sponge]