Artist Katie Sokoler Keeps The Kid Inside Alive

In-flight magazines almost never hold my attention—more often than not, I lose interest in them once I figure out the crossword puzzle is already completed. After this, I usually find myself flipping through Sky Mall and picking out all the outrageous things I could buy for my cat if I had all the money in the world. But on my most recent trip, I found myself not only intrigued by an article but emotionally affected as well. The piece was on Brooklyn-based photographer/street artist Katie Sokoler whose recent work is about capturing the child in everyone. Sokoler’s recent series of photos are the result of pure chance, careful placement, and a young heart. The artist’s first step is to create adhesive thought bubbles and shadows for her to stick on walls across the city. Whether it be daydreaming of flying, sleeping or cupcakes, these stick-ons seem to capture the lollipop-loving innocence we all hold. Once the adhesives are up, Sokoler channels her inner guerilla solider and stations herself behind cars and trees waiting for the perfect picture of a stranger unknowingly interacting with her artwork. The result? A woman thinking about love, a dog pondering cats, and an old man with a shadow practicing juggling. Sokoler says it is a Peter Pan-inspired project. I just call it damn cute. Her work would make anyone happy.

Watch the video to learn more about Katie Sokoler and visit her website.