Ask The Astrosexologist: Can A Scorpio/Gemini Pairing Ever Work?

“I am a Gemini (6/15) who got involved with a Scorpio (11/10) early last year. Things were GREAT before he left for school. We were even making plans for me to follow him out there after I finished school. However, things did not work out for him and he moved back home early this year. He has changed into a completely different person! He cheated on me constantly while he was gone, but I know how important sex is to Scorpios so I’m willing to let that go. However, everything that I’ve read on astrology tells me that Gemini/Scorpio is the WORST love combination (although we will have great sex, which we do) and that I should run screaming for the hills while I can. But I’ve fallen hard for this guy, even though we constantly fight and I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. My question is: is there something that maybe us Geminis do wrong that makes a relationship with a Scorpio so impossible? Or is it really just not in the stars for us?” – Spent

The only way this situation could ever be salvaged is if you could turn back time. After all, without trust, what is there to hold you together? As a Gemini you have a duality that can turn you into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type, but it also makes you able to “turn the other cheek.” When you are hooked on something that makes you curious, as this guy has, it’s hard to let go because you can always find an excuse to try to make it work again. However, once a Scorpio — the sign of extremes, transformation and death — breaks boundaries, it’s hard for him to change, because as it goes, Scorpio is a fixed sign and once they dig their heels in with a certain type of behavior, it is typically impossible for them to stop.

Continuing this relationship with lust as the only fuel is masochistic and that is never how you want to operate in any relationship. The best thing for you now is to realize you need to be more discriminating in your love choices and draw limits. As it goes, Saturn, the planet of karma, is in your house of true love as of Oct. 29, 2009, and it’s out to restructure how you approach love. Use this force to reconcile that relationships should be positive experiences that make you feel more than, instead of less than — which is obviously not what this Scorpio is making you feel. It’s time to realize enough is enough!

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