Should Oprah Worry? Secrets From Unauthorized Celebrity Biographies

bio oprah winfrey jpg
Could there possibly be anything about the Big O that we don’t already know? Kitty Kelly thinks there is. Kelly says she was “committed to writing the truth” about Oprah in her new unauthorized biography, which is due out in bookstores in early April. Does O have anything to worry about? Kelly hints that the book will cover “all aspects of her life.” Gulp. Does that include her “special friendship” with Gayle? But Oprah doesn’t seem to be sweating the release of the book. Kelly says she’s known about the book for a few years and that she’s not for it or against it. Translation: It will not be part of her book club. OK, now I’m nervous. And I have good reason to be. After the jump, some other unwelcome biography revelations. [PopEater]
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