10 Sexy Celebs Who Have Rebounded With A Younger Man

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Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins’ relationship always seemed to attract questions. The longtime couple never married, but they showed that a celebrity power couple could work without drawing Brangelina-like news attention … until recently. The couple announced their split and it appears that Sarandon could be on the rebound with a radically younger man. Robbins himself was 12 years younger than the actress, but maybe she thought he was gettin’ too old — she’s rumored to be dating 31-year-old Jonathan Brinklin, an aspiring filmmaker and ping-pong enthusiast/entrepreneur. Sarandon who has invested in Brinklin’s paddle-happy venture, Spin, stated her relationship with the youngster remains solely (and vaguely) as “business partners and friends.” Uh, funny business? Sarandon has attended several of Brinklin’s star-studded “Naked-Ping-Pong” get-togethers. Hawt. [Huffington Post]

Sarandon is not the first to trade her older husband/boyfriend for a younger model. Here are some other famous (and lucky) ladies who didn’t consider a generational gap to be a dating boundary.

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