OKCupid Discovers What Really Attracts Online Daters

One of the reasons I love OKCupid — not that I’m online dating anymore — is that they do all these studies on their users’ tastes and habits and release the results, which are often fascinating. The service recently studied profile photos — the different types of photos users post and how possible paramours react to them based on the rate at which these users were contacted. Some interesting findings, after the jump …

  1. Duckface Works (Most Of The Time): Though most women smile in their profile photo (56%), the least common facial expression (“flirty face” aka duckface) actually garners the most popular response from other users. However, duck face is decidedly less popular when the person making the expression is not making eye contact with the camera, probably because it implies she’s making that flirty face to someone not in the shot.
  2. Women Like Mystery: Men, however, tend not to smile in their profile photo (61%), which women seem to really like, especially when the guy is also not making eye contact with the camera. The takeaway seems to be that women “love mystery.” Oy. Unsurprisingly, women also really hate duckface on a man, especially when he’s not looking at the camera.
  3. Crappy Webcam Photos Are Good Enough: Weirdly enough, all users seem to prefer “self-shot” photos — and the majority of women choose to post the ever-popular “MySpace” shot, which OKCupid describes as “taken by holding your camera above your head and being just so darn coy.” Slutty teens know wassup!
  4. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It: “Jersey Shore”‘s Mike “The Situation” would do well online dating, because not only do a ton of men post photos of themselves showing off their abs, but women like ‘em.

If you’re not busy practicing your duckface or doing crunches, find out more of OKCupid’s findings here.