JWoww’s Shocking (And Shockingly Stupid) Beauty Advice

First came Pauly D’s hair-gel video session, then the Snook-ster revealed how she gets her “pouf.” Now, “Jersey Shore” star JWoww is getting in on the beauty and body advice-giving on her website. And yes, folks, it’s CRAZY … Let’s start with her “diet” advice: Basically, Jenni “JWoww” Farley recommends a 500-calorie-a-day “diet” (aka self-starvation) and these specially formulated just for her (and you, if you want to buy them!) HCG drops to “burn stored fat.” And, wait, it gets better … In the “diet plan” she maps out, you are allowed to have tea or coffee for “breakfast,” (with no more than a tablespoon of milk per day, people!) lunch is three ounces (weigh it raw folks, remember!) of chicken or white fish or lobster or crab. Great! A single lobster claw for lunch! Round out your lunch with some Swiss chard and a single breadstick or Melba toast piece. Single, as in one. True story. And same rules apply for dinner, minus the breadstick. So, to sum it all up: Buy her drops, drink only water or straight tea/coffee, eat air and you are guaranteed to lose one to two pounds a day! Wheee!

Don’t worry, because her “My Beauty” section of the website is much simpler to follow. All you have to do is call up her plastic surgeon! Yes, that’s right, all that’s listed is the telephone number of her “favorite” doc’s office. Oh, and if you drop her name to the office receptionist you get a free consult and a 100 bucks off your “first treatment.”

Run away, run very far away from all of this. [JWoww.com]