In Bed With … NY Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez

November 11, 1986 in Long Beach, California
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Pisces
Mercury: Scorpio
Venus: Scorpio
Mars: Aquarius

Love Style:

Mark is a man who would throw down his life for the lady he loves. He’s extreme, emotional, chivalrous and full of life. For him, love isn’t just any emotion, it’s the only one — the only motivator that he has. Yes, everything he loves, he loves with an intense passion. Otherwise, it’s a waste of his time — and just as he has skyrocketed into fame with his football career, he goes about love in the same way. When he puts his all into something, results happen. Mark isn’t the kind of guy that’s indecisive or scared about his feelings. In fact, he longs for connections that feel destined and impossible to live without, ones that go beyond the surface, inspiring all that he is. The only drawback to this all encompassing passion is he can tend to be overly possessive, jealous and have more than a few quirks that may seem extremely dark. Overall, he’s a guy who knows himself and thrives with heavy emotions, extreme trust and absolute dedication.

Sex Style:

He’s a star athlete with a body built like a god, right down to the tip, ahem, and thankfully he knows how to work it too. Yes, he may be a rookie on the field, but he’s a total pro in the sack. Since he’s a guy that’s in touch with his feelings, he communicates through sex. How much he feels will also be equal to the affection he doles out. The more he feels, the more energy he’ll put in, and so when he’s fully in love with you, that means sex that sets you on fire! To him, perfect sex transcends all boundaries and he’ll work it to that level — he’s the man who can easily win awards for stamina and passion. He also knows how to be so psychically in tune with his lady loves that he offers just the right amount of tenderness and imagination that’ll make one buckle at the knees thinking about it the next day. However, sex with him isn’t just all rainbows and unicorns, because there are many sides to him and he likes to test out boundaries and try new ways to express himself, which means anything from over-the-top romance to animalistic sex. No matter what the circumstance, he’s all for going to the maximum limits and then some, as he’s not one to ever strive for anything that isn’t the very best.

His Type:

When it comes down to setting Mark’s heart on fire, his ideal lady has to be able to devote herself to him by being nurturing and compassionate. He’s the type of guy who likes that whole idea of a fairy tale, the “me and you against the world” kind of love. For a woman to get him, he’ll need to know he can trust her with his life if need be, as loyalty is one of the highest priorities for him. He’s not the guy who holds many close to his heart, so his true love must be able to deal with his intense emotions, read him in-between the lines, and save him from his own dark side. Yes, this does sound a bit like a “mommy” type of love, but that is love to him: unconditional affection that sees him perfectly and understands all his wants and needs, even when they’re not obvious, given naturally and genuinely 24/7. Sure, a tall order for some, but an effortless one for the right lady.

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