Has Your Handbag Lost Weight?

Hey, handbag, lookin’ good. You lose some weight?

If your purse has been looking thinner lately, it’s probably a sign of a growing trend: Glamour reports that a new study finds that women have been downsizing their handbags. According to these findings, bags are now the “lightest they’ve been in seven years, down from their heaviest average (7.3 pounds) of two and a half years ago. Now the average woman is schlepping just three extra pounds on her arm.” The reason? Electronic gadgets like the iPhone, which combine several things you might have previously toted. If this is true, then there’s hope for defeating female stereotypes yet—perhaps someday soon women will finally be able to shed that “I carry the entire world in my handbag” preconception. (Now if someone could just create an app for storing your gym clothes and makeup … )

Do you think this is true? Has technology lightened your load? [Glamour]