Crisis Averted! Shiloh’s Tomboy Style Is Nothing To Panic Over!

Everyone calm down! Us Weekly has consulted the “experts,” and they have concluded that despite the fact that her parents dress her like a little boy, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt will probably not have serious gender identity issues. PHEW. That was a close one.So, seriously, apparently the fact that Shiloh looks like she shares a wardrobe with a truck driver has made some blowhards on the internet “outraged,” according to the magazine. “Do Brad & Angelina Want To Turn Shiloh Into A Boy?” one headline read. However, it seems that little Shiloh picks out her own duds and she happens to favor jeans, sneakers, and itty-bitty fedoras over the dresses and ballet flats preferred by her older sister Zahara. “It’s quite healthy, as she is learning to make choices and think independently,” says Manhattan psychotherapist and newspaper columnist Jonathan Alpert. But not so fast, Mr. Alpert! The public isn’t so sure this “thinking independently” is such a good thing. Just check out some of the comments the Us article received:

“shiloh is far from normal, wearing ugly clothes doesn’t make you normal, seeing that all of her siblings are dressed better then she is, is not normal.”

“there is a need for concern when a person/child goes from loving baby dolls and pink to wearing boy clothes and covering with multi layer. when she wears a hat/cap covering her head EVERY time she is in public … makes one wonder what happen?”

“She’s going to grow up to be Chaz Bono haha”

“It’s no secret that [Angelina] Jolie said she prefers her adopted kids over her natural ones. She dresses Shiloh this way, probably because she also prefers gays to guys also. It appears she wants Shiloh to be gay, and probably also enjoys ticking off her in-laws.”

“i see a cute butch kid. who may grow up to be gay or not. but it’s quite telling at this young age that she identifies with being a boy not a girl.”

“she’ll probably be gay like her freakish mother.”

The “outrage” over Shiloh’s clothing choices is clearly about some deep-seated discomfort with non-traditional gender roles and, let’s face it, some latent homophobia. I can’t help but think the subtext in a headline like “Do Brad & Angelina Want To Turn Shiloh Into A Boy?” is really “Do Shiloh’s Parents Want Her To Be A Lesbian?” Oh, the horror! [Us Weekly]