Umm, Johnny Depp Isn’t Actually All That Stylish, GQ

Johnny Depp is looking all sorts of fine shirtless on the cover of GQ’s “Most Stylish Men” issue, most likely because he’s Johnny Depp and looking all sorts of fine is pretty much his thing. We could look at shirtless Johnny Depp all day, secretly imagining bizarre scenarios that would all somehow result in us being really, really close to Johnny Depp and him not pressing charges. But here’s the thing: Johnny (we’re on a first name basis) is sexy, not particularly stylish. These, dear readers, are two very different qualities. Some men — like Pharell, who is also one of GQ’s top 25 — manage to be both. Depp, on the other hand, only has the hot part really down pat. Yes, we understand that he takes risks, which are to be encouraged. But too often people forget that experimental and stylish are just as different as sexy and stylish. Congratulations, Johnny, for making a legitimate and frequent man-fashion choice with the vest, but it shouldn’t be enough to earn you the top spot on a list that also includes such fashionable men as Jay-Z and Anderson Cooper.