Today’s Lady News: Spain Considers A Ban On Plastic Surgery Commercials Before 10 PM

  • Spain might soon pass a law banning TV commercials about plastic surgery, dieting, and beauty products before 10 pm. The law reads: “Broadcasters cannot carry advertisements for things that encourage the cult of the body and have a negative impact on self-image — such as slimming products, surgical procedures and beauty treatments — which are based on ideas of social rejection as a result of one’s physical image or that success is dependent on factors such as weight or looks.” [Advertising Age]

  • A new study suggests that taking the birth control pill for more than two years might decrease bone density in women. [Business Week]
  • This week, Houston’s City Council approved funding to test a backlog of 4,000 rape kits, which is DNA collected after a victim reports a sexual assault. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Children of same-sex couples are stepping up and speaking out more to advocate for their parents’ right to legally marry. [New York Times]


  • Politics Daily blogger Delia Lloyd on why France should not ban the burqa … [Politics Daily]
  • … and another Politics Daily blogger Bonnie Erbe on why Americans should ban the burqa. [Politics Daily]
  • India’s women’s hockey team is protesting unequal pay compared to the men’s team by wearing black armbands during their practices. “What we are asking for is equal treatment with the men’s team and we will continue our protest till then,” player Mamta Kharab said. [Indian Express]