Spurned Mistress May Have Taken Her Bitterness To Times Square Billboards

That saying “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”? It just got real, y’all: Gawker has multiple sources saying that a lovey-dovey billboard in Times Square featuring a huge photo of a couple named Charles Phillips and YaVaughnie Wilkins is actually the work of a scorned mistress (that would be YaVaughnie Wilkins) who wants to embarrass her former lover. Not only might Phillips be a married man, but he is also the co-president of a company called Oracle and a member of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

Oh, dear. The romantic billboards, which appear in possibly three locations in Manhattan, show a picture of a man and woman, with the words “‘You are my soulmate forever! – cep'” written across the top and the website “charlesphillipsandyavaughniewilkins.com” written across the bottom. To regular folks looking at the billboard, it appeared to be a sweet declaration of love. Visitors to the now-unavailable site were treated to pictures of Wilkins and Phillips cuddling, tickets for the events they allegedly attended together (including the Obama Inauguration), and numerous cards from him saying things like “You’re the only woman for me!” (That was a Valentine’s Day card).

But Gawker started sniffing around and, through tips, had multiple sources tell them that Wilkins is allegedly Phillips’ angry mistress, with whom he has carried on an eight-year affair. Phillips allegedly has either a wife or ex-wife named Karen Phillips, who is the mother of his tween son and with whom he has attended hoity-toity New York City events as recently as this December.

Gawker got in touch with the website’s designer, Bela Kovács, who confirmed that Wilkins hired him to create the site — only he thought the gesture was so sweet that Wilkins must have been Philips’ wife. “My understanding was that the site was for a gift to Charles, that’s what I was told,” Kovács told Gawker. “She was ecstatic when it finally launched and the whole thing was done.”

Yeah, I’ll bet she was.

My, oh, my. What has happened to the days when mistresses were discreet, hmm? First Rielle Hunter gets knocked up with John Edwards’ kid. Then Brooke Hundley stalks ESPN’s Steve Phillips’ teenaged son online. And now this!

Married men, when will you learn to just keep it in your pants? [Gawker, Gawker]