5 Style Tip-Offs: How To Know She Wants A Divorce

Real Housewives of Orange County” fans already know the (unsurprising) news—Tamra and Simon are headed for splitsville. Not only has Tamra carried on this season ad nauseum about how depressingly bad her marriage is (was?), but a week ago, Simon actually up and filed for divorce! Now he’s taken to his Bravo TV blog (yes, he has one apparently) to blab about the situation: “In fact, she has told me recently that she is happy being single. And even the way she has dressed lately (she does look really hot) tells me that being single is what she wants … ” Huh. He got me thinking, does the way a woman dresses and puts herself together actually tell the tale of a relationship in trouble? After the jump five maybe-sorta style and beauty tip-offs … [Bravo TV]

  1. Everything’s tighter. Her dresses, shirts, body—you name it and it’s clingy and super-toned all of a sudden. The first gym-going Tamra did that we saw on tape was from this last season.
  2. Blow-outs abound. Was it just me or has Tamra’s hair looked blonder and sleeker and more voluminous this season? That’s not a coincidence.
  3. More frequent (or new) trips to the plastic surgeon or Botox/filler-doc.
  4. The new shoe of choice becomes heels or platform heels—think Victoria Beckham heights—even if it’s just an outing to run errands.
  5. Mascara and eye shadow and fake lashes and gobs of liner and loads of gloss … Or she just starts wearing makeup, period.