Spice Up Your Life! A Spice Girls Musical Is In The Works

So tell me whatcha want, whatcha really, really want … it’s a Spice Girls musical, isn’t it?

No? Well, too bad, you’re getting one anyway: theater producer Judy Craymer, who brought “Mamma Mia!” to the stage, has announced she’s creating a Spice Girls musical called “Viva Forever.” The show will include 14 Spice Girls hits and will launch in London on November 5 of this year. Crayer said the story arc in the Spice Girls musical will be fictionalized, but will be a celebration of the pop stars’ “sisterhood.”

Ummm, but didn’t they break up? Craymer said that so far she has met with four out of the five Spices — Victoria Beckham, Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton and Halliwell — and hopes to chat with Melanie Brown, as well, to glean stories about lip gloss and girl power, or whatever this show will be about. Kim Fuller, the brother (yes, Kim is a man) of their former manager Simon Fuller and the screenwriter of their 1997 movie “Spice World,” will write the “Viva Forever” script .

Somehow I do not see Posh wanting to cooperate with a Spice Girls musical at all, especially if it means the world will be reminded she used to wear outfits like the one above (far right). [Daily Mail UK, The Sun UK]