Is Scott Brown The Male Sarah Palin?

The more I hear about Scott Brown—who whooped Martha Coakley in the special election for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat on Tuesday, becoming the first Republican to win in the uber-liberal state of Massachusetts in 30 years—the more he sounds eerily familiar. Seriously, this guy is the female male version of Sarah Palin. Don’t believe me? Check out the parallels between the two.

  • The perfectly coiffed hair, the nice wardrobes, the dimples. There’s no denying that, especially for politicians, both Sarah and Scott are lookers. He was a model in his younger days, and posed nude in an issue of Cosmo for their “America’s Sexiest Man” poll—he says he did it to help pay for law school. She was a beauty queen who came in third in the Miss Alaska pageant. [People]
  • They both played up their “aw, shucks” normal folks credentials. While Sarah wouldn’t let us forget that she’s your average hockey mom who likes to moose hunt, Scott got in his pickup truck and drove around Massachusetts for his campaign. [USA Today]
  • They’re both super sporty. He’s a triathlete; she’s an avid runner who’s even done a feature in Runner’s World. And they’re both former basketball stars—Scott played for Tufts while Sarah led her team to victory in the Alaska state championships. [People]
  • They’re both Republicans, obviously. But they share some particularly controversial views. Both have supported the birther movement—Scott has even made statements that he doubts Barack Obama was born in wedlock. And while Scott supports allowing religious hospitals to deny emergency contraception, even in cases of rape, Sarah let her town charge rape victims for their medical kits.
  • Their names both start with “s.” And they’ve both been married for 23 years. This is getting “Twilight Zone”-ish.
  • They both favor unconventional names for kidlets. Sarah’s children are Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig. Scott’s are Arianna and Ayla. And Ayla sure seems like she’ll be the next Bristol—and I mean that as in she’s sure to be famous, not that I think she’ll have a baby with Levi Johnston. She was on the fifth season of “American Idol” and has an album coming out soon. [People]
  • And perhaps the biggest common thread between these two: they both came out of state political circuits and catapulted to be major players on the national stage, almost overnight—Sarah when McCain nommed her for vice president and Scott Tuesday night when he won an election no one thought an unknown possibly could win.

So … do you think Scott is the next Sarah?