Tim Burton’s Next Flick About “Sleeping Beauty” Villainess Maleficent

Everything Tim Burton touches turns to genius. So we’re pretty excited that his next project looks like it will be the story of “Sleeping Beauty,” from the perspective of Disney’s most villainous villainess, Maleficent. The movie will hopefully fill in all those question marks we had with the original movie. Like jeez, why so pissed off, lady? Or how do you get those crazy arches on your eyebrows? And, as the most sinister Disney villain, why didn’t you think of just killing the prince? [AintItCool] In case you need a refresher course on the plot, Maleficent casts a spell on baby Princess Aurora when she is not invited to the christening like the other fairy godmothers. She curses the child so that on her 16th birthday, she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die … which one of the not-evil fairy godmothers changes to “falls into a deep sleep until her true love kisses her.” When she turns 16, Maleficent tricks Aurora into touching the spinning wheel. Then Maleficent traps the hunky Prince Phillip in her castle. The adorable nice fairies help save him and Maleficent turns herself into a giant dragon, but Prince Phillip manages to slay her. Then he kisses Aurora and they live a relatively happy life. Presumably.

But the point of “Sleeping Beauty” was not that Aurora was awesome—the girl was asleep for 80% of the movie. It was totally about how powerful and multi-dimensional Maleficent was. She’s a sensitive woman with needs. Sure, wishing death on an innocent baby because no one wanted to cut cake with you is a bit extreme, but hopefully Tim Burton will open that Pandora’s box of a woman and let us look inside!

Anyone else excited?