Quotable: Patti Stanger Sees A Bleak Romantic Future For John Mayer

“John Mayer — he needs to own up to his mistakes because karma’s a bitch, baby. Let me tell you something. He’ll be one of those 45-year-old men still searching for the perfect girl and abusing and using. Then one day, the pee-pee’s going to go limp and Cialis and Viagra ain’t going to help him. I’d put him into singles boot camp right next to Jennifer Aniston. The two of them, I’d like to put into boot camp.”

– “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger couldn’t help but give some advice for lovelorn celebs in her interview with People.com. If Jen and John do end up in singles boot camp, let’s hope they don’t rekindle their romance.