Quickies: Senator-Elect Scott Brown Got Nakey For Cosmo & The Palins Were Paid For Tabloid Cover

  • Massachusetts’ newly elected senator, Scott Brown, posed naked for Cosmopolitan back in the day. [F-Listed]
  • Gabby Sidibe is working on a film called “Yelling to the Sky” with Don Cheadle, and she told the London Guardian: “This time, I get to make out with a boy. I know that because I wrote it into the script.” [Guardian UK]
  • The guy who Ronnie knocked out on “Jersey Shore” has gone on a racist tirade to explain his butt-kicking. [TMZ]

  • Sarah and Bristol Palin were paid a hefty sum for their In Touch Weekly cover. [NY Post]
  • The U.K. government is banning drinking games and binge promotions in order to fight alcoholism. [Boston.com]
  • MC Lady Sovereign came out on the U.K. “Celebrity Big Brother,” despite the efforts of her publicist to keep her sexuality under wrap. [Bitch Media]
  • Billy Baldwin will play Serena van der Woodsen’s father on “Gossip Girl.” [The Ausiello Files]