Insanely Itchy Clothes Keeping You Down?

Today in unnecessary and ridiculous inventions, allow us to introduce you to Greensations Capsaicin Body Spray. First off, in order to understand the absurdity of this invention, you’ll need to understand just what capsaicin is–a natural hot pepper extract. Now that that’s clear, let’s move on to the function. While those who are fans of natural beauty care use the extract as a topical pain reliever, Greensations found it could be packaged and sold in order to solve itchy issues associated with clothes. [Because um, everyone’s closets are filled with gut-wrenchingly painful-to-wear itchy clothes? — Editor] “By incorporating small doses of capsaicin into a water based spray, we’ve come up with a way to stop itching on contact without the burning sensation generally associated with hot peppers,” explained Niles Porter, Director of Sales for Greensations. So, just to be clear, you want to use hot pepper in order to solve the uncomfortable feeling of hot peppers? Isn’t that adding to the problem? The new creation comes in multiple forms — Stem Cell Skin Repair Stick, Skin Repair Spray, Foot Repair Spray, and Scalp Repair Spray — all of which are more ridiculous than the next. Can you imagine the backlash when someone accidentally sprays this in their eyes? [PRWeb]