Chocolate Penis Inserts Itself Into Murder Trial

While nothing about a murder case is funny, the idea of the Supreme Court discussing a chocolate penis and a pair of tits does kind of make me chuckle. So why would they be discussing such things? The court just heard an appeal for Georgia death row inmate Marcus Wellons, who was sentenced in 1993 for raping and killing a 15-year-old. Horrible. But, apparently, some strange things were going on behind the scenes of the trial—the judge not only took the jurors out to a restaurant, but after Wellons was convicted, the jurors sent the judge, a woman, the aforementioned choco-c**k. They sent the choco-boobs to the chief bailiff on the case. Wellons’ lawyers said that someone needs to investigate what went on outside of the court room to make these gifts even semi-appropriate. Since Wellons is black, the lawyers think the gifts could be “evidence of the jury’s racial bias.” The Supreme Court agreed and sent the case back to the lower courts for reopening. Who knew chocolate genitalia could have such an impact? Something to think about at your next bachelorette party. [Newser, LA Times]