Two Very, Very Uncool Lies

Lying is bad enough in the first place. But if there are two things a person should never, ever lie about, they are AIDS and rape. So we are pretty horrified by these stories that came out today. First, porn star Jackie Braxton (aka “Fame”) is probably in hiding right now after she told a real doozie. This Detroit-based 23-year-old mother placed a video on the internet announcing that she had HIV and had infected over 500 men with the virus. She later claimed that it was all a sham and that she just posted the video to raise awareness about AIDS. Oh, and to market her website. WHAT??? I can’t think of a more inappropriate attempt at shameless self-promotion. This has to be illegal, somehow. If you think that’s terrible, consider the case of an unnamed 15-year-old California girl who was discovered by police stranded at a Contra Costa College bus stop late last night. When questioned, she reported that she had been abducted at gunpoint, driven to an unknown residence, gang-raped, and left for dead at the college campus. Then she called police this morning to retract her story. Why? It was a lie she made up because she was out past curfew. The police are deciding whether to charge her with fabricating a police report. I really hope they do, because I’m speechless. Can someone please share some wonderful news so I can cleanse this terribleness from my palate? [Daily Mail, Newser]

Tags: aids, lying, rape