The Confusion Ends: How To Wear Black And Brown Together

black and brown outfits 011510 m jpg
There was a little confusion last week when Jessica wore black and brown together in her Style Diary. Frisky reader C. Munro was surprised Jessica wore a black belt with brown boots. And he also wondered whether he could wear his favorite black jacket with his comfortable brown shoes. We say: “Yes!”

There are no rules against wearing these two neutrals together because they go with everything, which means they work well with each other, too. The combo has to look deliberate, though. So you can’t wear a black top with light colored jeans and brown shoes because it will look as if your wardrobe is lacking a pair of basic black shoes. But if your jeans are a dark blue rinse, black, or dark gray, then you’re good to go with brown shoes. It also helps to add another color, pattern, or texture into the mix. I like the look of navy with black and brown, but an army green or gray will also do. And stripes, plaid, or paisley add more visual interest to an outfit of black and brown neutrals. Basically, if you look in the mirror and feel your body is segmented, then your combination isn’t working. But if you’re able to see the outfit as a whole, then you’ve done it right. Keep clicking for outfit suggestions for men and women.

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