More “Teen Mom” Dysfunction: A Choking Incident And An Arrest

The 54-year-old mother of “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham was arrested over the weekend for allegedly choking and hitting Farrah while the two argued over childcare. Debra Danielson is now facing domestic abuse/serious assault charges. The two were arguing when Debra threw an MTV T-shirt that landed “on or near” Farrah’s infant, Sophia. That’s when Farrah went off on her mother, who allegedly retaliated by grabbing her daughter’s throat. When Farrah pushed her mother’s hand away, Debra reportedly struck her on the right side of her mouth and head. The police in Council Bluffs, IA, observed several cuts on the right side of Farrah’s lips. [TMZ, PopEater]I’m not really surprised Farrah and Debra came to blows. The tension between them has been building since they were featured on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant.” They don’t seem to respect each other. Debra prefers to berate her daughter for trying to be a mom and a teen with a social life. And Farrah doesn’t understand that she can’t be an adult and still rely so heavily on her parents. They don’t know how to communicate with each other and most of their arguments are full of expletives and end with Farrah walking out and doing exactly what she wants to anyway. When it comes down to it, Debra’s a nag and Farrah’s still spoiled, so what should they do in their situation? I say Farrah needs to move in with her grandparents and realize she’s no longer a normal teenager.