The Inspiration Board: “An Education”

“An Education” actress Carey Mulligan may have been robbed of a Golden Globe this weekend, but seeing her on the red carpet reminded us of just how award-worthy her style was in the movie. Though the film is no longer a new release, we’d be remiss if we didn’t own to up to being a bit inspired by her school girl to worldly young woman transformation.

  1. You’ll need a ladylike purse to go with your new look. This one is not super affordable or anything, but hey, it’s an “inspiration” board. [$1,965, Lanvin, Barneys New York]
  2. Red lipstick is also a must if you want to look like you’re, well, not a 16-year-old dating someone who could be your dad. [$8, Sephora]
  3. Fancy costume jewelry looks awesome with your new wardrobe. [$6, Forever21]
  4. Sheath dresses in shiny shades are piling up in your closet, you little minx. [$158, Ann Taylor]