How To Get Kate’s Reverse Cat Eye!

Check out Kate Hudson’s super sleek and architectural-feeling eye makeup at this past Sunday’s Golden Globes. I’m loving it—the look is sort of like a reverse cat eye. Not only are her inner rims lined, but the liquid liner is extended beyond the inner corners of her eyes (rather than the usual outer-corner cat-eye look). Different, fresh, totally cool, no? Get the quick how-to, after the jump! Begin by lightly brushing a white, luminous shadow from lash line up to brow line. If you are looking for a bit more brow-bone highlighting action, go a tiny bit heavier right under the brow arch. (Only slightly!) For a bit of contouring, apply a light gray shadow into each eye crease. Now, take your liquid liner (MAC’s Fluidline seems to really stay in place well along the waterline of your inner rims) and using small strokes, line as close to your eye as you can possibly stand. When you get to the inner corner of your eye, keep lining! Extend the line about two or three millimeters beyond your rim—the top and bottom lines will eventually come to a triangle point. Clean up errant lines with a little makeup remover on a Q-tip, and dust a tiny bit of extra white shadow on places where you may have removed that too. Finally, mascara, mascara, mascara! Oh, and go with a pale, light peach shade on lips and cheeks—it’ll ensure that nothing steals the spotlight from your eyes!