Alexa Chung + Madewell: Do You Like Brands More If A Celeb Wears Them?

I thought I was above caring what labels celebrities wore. Since most of the clothes they’re seen in are way out of my price range, I tend to think, “Oh, that looks cute” or “Ugh, what was she thinking?” and move on. But when a star wears something from a store that I actually shop in, I feel differently — and it’s not always good.

One of my top five favorite places to shop, Madewell, just announced that it’s collaborating with one of my top five favorite stylish celebs, Alexa Chung, on a line of clothes that will hit stores this September. The collection will include “high-waisted pants and jeans, velvet dresses with Peter Pan collars, and a coat based on a vintage children’s one she found that originally came from Harrods,” according to The fact that Alexa likes a store I like makes me feel that much cooler, but she’s not the only celebrity to shop there. Madewell tweets about stars who have worn their clothes — from January Jones in a leather bomber and Rachel Bilson in a printed tank to Katie Holmes in a pair of Slim Slouch jeans and Vanessa Hudgens in a suede biker jacket.

I think some of those starlets have great style, but I don’t feel that way about all of them, and, call me shallow, but I sort of hate that some of them shop at my store as much as I do. It’s like the time your sixth grade arch-nemesis came to school in the shirt you had just dropped two months’ allowance on.

Luckily, the retailer sells enough cute goods that there seems to be plenty for all of us. Katie Holmes can have her ripped-up light denim; I’m sticking with my beloved Madewell ’37s jeans.

Do your feelings about fashion brands ever change based on which celebrities wear them?