This Month In The Lady Mags: Which February Issue We Heart

It’s the middle of January, which means that—bizarrely—it’s February at your local newsstand. So which of next month’s magazines are worth your $3.50 to $3.99? After the jump, I’ve read through and picked the highlights for you. Lucky
I think I’ve shared with you before my Lucky rating system—the more pages I’ve tagged with those handy stickers, the better. Sadly, the February issue was only a 4-tabber. I loved that the mag is as white blazer-obsessed as we are—they show different versions on page 47, 62, and 64. And the “Lucky Sexy Guide” was also nice, mixing photos of icons from the past and present and giving me tons of ideas for how to wear mini-skirts and sequins. But other than that, there wasn’t much substance here. And two serious no-gos: Trying to pass off a Nike windbreaker as office wear and friendship bracelets.
Grade: C

Awww, a theme issue. This month’s Elle is all about modern love—from Joe Zee making over couples with a coordinating piece to a photo essay of power couples that gives us a glimpse of what Olivia Palermo’s dude looks like. (Shocker: he looks good.) I was also really interested in Maggie Bullock’s story “Comfortably Numb” about couples who rarely have sex (like, once a year rarely) but are still relatively happy. Oh, and Elle’s inner fashion psychic predicts that this spring, you’ll be rocking lucite, lingerie as outerwear, and big hair.
Grade: A-

You know what I like about Ebony? That it goes beyond fluff and gives actual stories—like a feature on the basics of Islam and an interview with the editor of Ralph Ellison’s new book. And right next to those stories, to lighten the mood: an interview with RuPaul (both in and out of drag) where he reveals that for undies, he wears briefs. In the cover story, Kimora Lee Simmons and Dijmon Hounsou talk in depth about meeting (she only knew him as the dude from the Janet Jackson video), falling in love, and getting married in West Africa. Kimora even gives a lot of insight into why she and Russell broke up.
Grade: B+

Marie Claire
This issue of Marie Claire had me from the opening pages on brogue shoes, “Alice in Wonderland”-inspired clothes, and Diane von Furstenberg. I also loved the feature with Irina, who won the last season of “Project Runway” — she ardently defends every woman’s right to be a bitch. Speaking of, a feature on a woman who went from girly girl to drill sergeant was touching. And the cover story gives us a new look at Christina Aguilera, as she prepared for a Halloween party complete with tarot readers.
Grade: A-

Tsk-tsk, Glamour. Please don’t start off with the story “The Beauty Habit That Can Give You Cancer.” That’s a buzzkill. Luckily, the answer is tanning—which none of us do anyway, right? The cover of the mag promised to tell us 101 things dudes think, and sadly, they’re mostly duhs like, “They look so different when they’re not held up in a wire cup.” I did, however, like Katie Couric’s interview with Queen Rania of Jordan. Ditto for the cover story on adorable Katy Perry and the fashion spread with Crystal Renn looking hot in nude-colored clothes.
Grade: B

I was glad to see Anna Faris getting some love for being a funny girl on the cover of Cosmo. But I didn’t learn much from the article, other than that she has a hard time picking an answer on a multiple choice test—on far too many of their quiz questions, she circled all the options. Further inside the issue, we find “American Idol” orgasm faces and the article “Are You Turning Your Boyfriend Into A Girlie Man?” Seriously, who reads this?
Grade: C-