Sex Diary: New Year’s Eve Abroad With Another Man

Welcome to the Frisky “Sex Diary,” in which an anonymous person shares the details of her sex life over the course of a few days. Sometimes these entries are filled with revealing romps, while other times there is nary a naked moment in sight. Some of these diarists are frequent contributors. Want to share a page from your sex diary? Email [email protected] All entries will be anonymous.Diarist: A 22-year-old student in a long-distance relationship who is studying abroad.


10 pm: Meet boyfriend online. Miss him too much. He’s cut his hair, but I liked his longer hair better. He tells me his plans for New Year’s Eve — he’s got a friends’ reunion in NYC. I comment on how among his friends only two are guys. Jealous? Yeah. He tells me that I am hotter than his friends. I laugh. It’s been almost a year and there’s still two months to go. I am craving intimacy. He starts whispering what he’d do to me if I was with him … we touch ourselves. Oh, I miss him…


8 am: Meet S, go for lunch. He is an older guy who’s here for his post graduate studies. He is cute and engaged. His fianceé is back home too. We talk about a New Year’s Eve party we’re both going to. We flirt a little. It comes naturally. We had shared a drunken kiss at a party, but we never talk about it. We make plans to see each other on NYE.


Noon: My BF sent an email saying he’s in NYC and the hotel he’s staying in is great. He also says he enjoyed our chat Friday night. I open Facebook and G (my BF’s best friend) has posted some pics. One pic has my BF, his ex — I didn’t know they were still friends — and a couple of guys. Pang of jealousy. The ex has her arms around him.


4 pm: Hanging out with some friends, but I’m worried about a project deadline. S comes and buys me a drink and says he is in the mood for a fancy dinner tonight. I agree to go out with him.

7 pm: The restaurant is nice. He says I am looking great. I did make an effort. We have some wine and dance. I feel good. S makes me feel like a lady. He is really caring. Or maybe it’s the wine.

9 pm: We take a walk along the bridge after we leave the restaurant. He kisses me and I kiss him back … a surge of heat… We go back to my place and don’t even wait to take off all our clothes. The quickie is hot and passionate — both of us seem to need it. We have sex again. Twice. Slower. It’s great. Turns out he’s a cuddler.


8 am: Woke up with a kiss. We go at it again. He is great. I like the way his hands feel on my skin.

10 am: We have breakfast together. Still don’t talk about all our baggage and where we are taking this thing. I am feeling really guilty. He asks me if he can see me again tonight, but I lie and say I need to catch up with my BF. He smiles and then tells me I can come to his place after. So we are taking this casually, huh? It’s a little new for me because my BF had been the only guy I had been intimate with before. I haven’t really had casual sex. I am not sure if I want to again…


9 pm: My BF is online. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. He asks me what I did this week and if I missed him. Very much. Note to myself: do not have sex with S again. I wonder if my BF has been with any girls while I’ve been away. I don’t want to know. I ask him about the party he was at the other day. He doesn’t mention his ex. I don’t mention seeing the pics either, but I feel bad anyway. I don’t feel like talking. I say I need to go to bed early. My BF doesn’t seem to mind, so I feel bad again.

10 pm: Decide to post a funny note on my BF’s Facebook page after he is offline. See a post from his ex that says, “It was great catching up … almost forgotten how amazing you are. Oh, and definitely cuter with shorter hair.”

10:30 pm: S calls. We meet up for some drinks. He notices I am feeling like crap. He tells me some jokes and makes me laugh. He asks me about my BF and I ask him about his fianceé. He smiles and gives me a long kiss. I don’t pull away. We go back to his room and this time I cannot blame the alcohol. I wonder if I really love my BF… while S is going down on me. I push all the thoughts to the back of my head and try to enjoy the moment. S is amazing….


Noon: It’s NYE tonight. S made me lunch. We kiss. I start to compare my BF and S — my BF is definitely a better kisser. S gets a phone call from his fianceé and I’m able to hear one end of the conversation. He says he’s missing her and that he loves her. I feel guilty again, this time for being the other woman.

11:50 pm: We are at a party dancing, and the clock is about to strike midnight. 10 … 9 … 8 … I kiss S when the clock strikes 12. Happy New Year!


10:30 am: My BF calls. It’s still 2009 in NYC. I can hear the countdown in the background. He says Happy New Year … and that he loves me. I tell him I love him too. I can’t wait to get back to him.

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