DIY Lace Nails

It’s time to relinquish antiquated simple manicures and one-color nails. The world has already welcomed Minx styles, Calgel nails, and as soon as we spotted Lady Gaga’s intricate nail design in her “Bad Romance” video, we knew that plain manicures were over forever. With the lace trend cavorting down the runways, a transition from clothes to nail design was a necessity. Celebrity manicurist Elle for Barielle recognized the need to share her nail wealth with lace fans all over, and provided The Frisky with a quick DIY so you too can have your very own lace nails. Read below for instructions!

  • Start with a clean nail
  • Brush on Gel Resin
  • Pick a thin Parisian piece of lace and attach
  • Spray with Glue Dry
  • Cut and shape using an embroidery scissor
  • Re-Resin
  • To remove, soak in acetone

Obvs, these are all Barielle products. Sounds fairly easy though, right?