Granny Panties

I’m somewhat sorry to say that I gave up my thong panties along time ago. The truth is I only wore them once and that was enough for a lifetime as far as I am concerned. There is nothing sexy to me about having a ribbon of material stuck up my butt. It may sound cute or sexy, but it doesn’t feel cute or sexy. Know what I mean? I did get a thong because I had heard it would make me feel sexy, and it would get rid of the dreaded “panty line.” Uh huh. What is so wrong with a panty line? Or for that matter, if your panty line shows, the clothes are too damned tight for you! Bikini panties are fine, if you don’t mind the muffin top that comes out above them. I have several pairs, and if I’m not planning to show them to anyone, they are okay under something loose. My favorite type of panties actually come up to my waist. And cover my more than adequate butt. Go figure! My panties are purchased for comfort over style. Love cotton. Love not getting a wedgie! Read more