Wedding Photos: Kites Are The New Balloons

So, yeah, I’m getting married this year, but you knew that. As I’m trying to figure out what the hell to do for my wedding, I’ve been pouring over loads and loads of wedding photographer blogs for inspiration, ideas and a reprieve from the machine that is the got-to-have-the-most-expensive-everything wedding industry. Mostly, I’m not sweating much of the planning—the day is going to be perfect, more because I’m marrying the guy I l-o-v-e, not because the flowers are the exact right shade of coral or peach, but that hasn’t stopped me from becoming completely obsessed with wedding and engagement photo blogs. Seriously, they’re like crack—my Google reader is infested with them! So, seeing as though I scroll through enough photos to make my eyes water up and glaze over each week, there’s been one hilarious trend I’ve noticed … … the prevalence of the engagement or wedding photo prop! Yes, people have props. During 2009, nearly every photo, it seemed, had one of those ginormous, perfectly cylindrical balloons. 2010? It’s all about the kite. I know, total, super-important breaking news!

Does the very act that I’m picking up on trends means I’ve OD’d on wedding blogs? Married folk, where did you find inspiration for your big day?