I Love You Like A Sister

Women can frequently be heard exclaiming, “I love her like a sister!” I shake my head. No, you can’t love your best friend like a sister. A sister’s love is separate from any other kind of love. A sister knows not only your entire history, but also what your thoughts and emotions were at every milestone. A sister knows not only who you are, but also what made you who you are. She knows what has been passed down in blood and tradition. Sometimes this isn’t a comfortable feeling. It can feel a bit naked, a bit too exposed. When a sister shoots you a meaningful look over Thanksgiving dinner, what she’s saying is, “I know exactly what you’re thinking and I know exactly where it’s coming from.” Sometimes, there just isn’t a place to hide. In the end, this is probably a good thing. A sister can make you face your dark side. Sometimes, a sister shares the same dark side as you, and you have to break through it together. You see things in her that make you see things in yourself. She becomes your mirror. Read more