10 Celebs Who Give PETA The Middle Finger

fur kelis jpg
Singer Kelis likes to stir up trouble almost as much as she likes milkshakes. Her latest target is PETA, which she lovingly accuses of being “the death of fashion.” Earlier this week, PETA finger-wagged at Kelis when she was photographed decked out from head to toe in furry creatures. Naturally, Kelis felt it necessary to write a rebuttal on MySpace. (Does anyone still use MySpace?) In her super-long rant, Kelis outted herself as far more than a fur supporter; apparently she’s also a crazy animal Terminator and promotes a rodent Holocaust. Of chinchilla and mink she said, “Quite honestly [they] are rodents, and if it weren’t in the form of a coat, I would demand they be put to death anyway.” A little bit scary, no? She also admitted to her desire to eat her prey before she wears it. She says, “[I] would eat pterodactyl if you found some and told me it was meaty and delicious.” Too bad dinosaurs are extinct. [PopEater]

But Kelis is not the only celeb that loves her fur. After the jump, some more celebs that have no problem giving PETA the middle finger.

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