Shocker: How Much Crème De La Mer Actually Costs

For years now, Crème de la Mer has reigned supreme as the most desirable skin cream on the market. Women claim that once you’ve used the moisturizer, you’re hooked for life. The only negative aspect would be its price, since a 250 ml tub will hurt your wallet by about $860.41. Expensive but apparently worth it. You’d be shocked to find out that the mark-up on this beauty product is astronomical. Read on and prepare yourself for a surprise …The ingredients that make up this magical cream only costs $40.59. Cosmetic chemist Will Buchanan spent an entire month studying Crème de la Mer and found that ingredients including petrolatum (basically Vaseline), glycerine, and eucalyptus leaf oil are readily available and cheap. “This is a variation on a basic water-in-oil formula,” said Will. “What I’ve done is, of course, only an estimate. To give the benefit of the doubt, I’ve been very generous in my pricing of the sea kelp, which is the main ingredient.” Representatives from the beauty brand responded by explaining, “In the case of the sea kelp, the cost reflects not only the raw materials but also the costs of helping maintain the ecosystem from which it comes by harvesting sustainably.”

If that’s true, we can appreciate their initiative to save the environment while still producing a product which everyone loves. In addition to those costs, there’s packaging, shipping, and the transfer of Californian sea kelp from its harvest location to the Estee Lauder labs across the U.S. But, the question remains, will you shell out for Crème de la Mer knowing its ingredients aren’t quite so magical? [Daily Mail]