Triple Threat: Rag & Bone To Launch Three Diffusion Lines

Rag & Bone, one of our favorite tomboy-perfect lines, is set to launch three diffusion collections next month. The collections will focus on basics (which, to be honest, doesn’t seem too far from the already generally basic style of the brand), with the fairly self-explanatory titles of JEAN, KNIT, and SHIRT. Expect good everyday staples like skinny jeans, perfectly constructed and worn tees, as well as button-ups that combine just the right amounts of preppy and hipster flair. The only thing that’s yet to be seen is if these secondary collections will be significantly lower in cost. While NBC’s The Thread compares Rag & Bone’s endeavor to T by Alexander Wang as something that’s a “(recession-instigated) trend of ‘purifying’ one’s fashion collection to the very essentials,” T didn’t, as The Thread claims, make “his uber-cool downtown vision accessible to all … ” $100 for a t-shirt, anyone? Rag & Bone pieces already fetch an average $200-$300 price tag each. How much will the pared down fashions be reduced? If you could get a really great Rag & Bone chambray shirt for $120 instead of $200, would it be worth it to you? [NBC’s The Thread]