Swofties Have More Fun

What do you think a “swofty” is? Hint: it’s not a new Dairy Queen dessert or some dirty sexual term. OK, I’ll tell you. A “swofty” is the new term for single women over 50 who are more likely to be out at a nightclub, flirting, than at home knitting their grandchildren sweaters. According to a new study, “swofties” are on the rise. The results show that the more than 600,000 mature females in the U.K. who are spinsters, widows or divorcees are happier than ever. More than 50 percent of the women surveyed say that they are content to live by themselves, 17 percent said they were dating, 20 percent reported having a rocking social life, and one-fifth are regulars on Facebook and Twitter. Sounds like old is the new young. Get ready to go clubbing with granny! [Daily Mail]

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