Jessica’s Style Diary: Week In Review

friday jessica new jpg
What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Ali Ro silk blouse from
  • Ann Taylor Loft navy pants
  • Payless navy blue heels (not pictured)
  • Ann Taylor Loft necklace
  • Forever 21 barrette

The Frisky is obsessed with the designer Ali Ro. Like, everyone here has Ali Ro in their closet. I bought this blouse on for something like $120, but I’ve seen the same blouse on sites like Gilt Groupe marked down for less. Drat! Still, this blouse is “my color,” so I just had to have it the moment I saw it. I found these pants (which I obviously need to get tailored) at an Ann Taylor Loft for only $15. Score! This pretty necklace, also from the Loft, is the one I was wearing the night I met my boyfriend. There’s this episode of “The Rachel Zoe Project” where Rachel donates the necklace was wearing when she met Rodger to raise money for cancer research. I was thinking Lady, are you insane?!?! How can you give away a memento like that? Even for charity. (Sorry if that makes me sound like a jerk.)

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