6 Challenges We’d Really Like To See On “Project Runway”

Project Runway” returned this week with a typical cast of over-dramatic characters trotting pretty little dresses (and some hot messes) down the runway. We like sweet frocks as much as the next girl, but there are a few challenges we’d much rather see this season on “PR.” Personally, I’m rooting for a challenge that involves dresses made of pastries and culminates in an eating contest for the models where the first girl to finish eating her garment without passing out wins. For those of you who don’t quite see the connection between fashion shows and eating contests, more possibilities after the jump.

  1. Designers paint trompe l’oeil “clothes” onto their models.
  2. Outfits made entirely from garbage bags require some creativity.
  3. It kind of defeats the purpose of the show, but how about an episode where the models “make” the clothes and we laugh as the designers teeter down the runway in ill-constructed sacks?
  4. Nina, Heidi, Michael Kors et al. have pretty great taste, but have outfits ever been made for the judges?
  5. Found. Objects. And no, we’re not talking about the episode a few seasons back when the designers when to a recycling plant and gathered their wares. We mean entire garments made of things found on the street.
  6. Competing networks be damned, we want to see a bizarre, potentially other-worldly combination of the designers from “Project Runway” and the models from “America’s Next Top Model.”

Post your challenge ideas in the comments!