Start The Decade Off Right With A Closet Purge

There’s something a little special about this new year. It’s not only a fresh start, but it’s also a brand-new decade. Many people are taking the opportunity to re-evaluate their lives, jobs, and current situations. Alicia Kan was one of the brave souls who quit her job in order to pursue her passions — and now her closet is taking a hit. Over the years, she’s accumulated designer pieces like Hermès scarves and Donna Karan dresses, but now it’s all for sale, as her dream for the years to come includes dressing “like Blondie in the ’80s.” Random? Yes, but there’s an interesting idea to take from her initiative. With the new decade, it’s time to release the ties that bind us to the past, and one way to do that is a closet purge.

Personally, I think it’s pretty terrifying to let go of clothes. After all, as a fashion enthusiast and writer, I grow oddly attached to my finds. Each and every item holds a little story, a piece of my life and a memory, so it’s understandable that removing any clothing item would be slightly traumatic. My mother constantly berates me to get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore, but I have to be in the certain frame of mind to get all donation-happy. When that state does come, and I’m prepared to shuffle shirts and dresses into bags headed to the Goodwill, inevitably I end up feeling lighter, motivated to update my style, and free from everything holding me back. Plus, it’s just a really good excuse to go shopping again.

Just promise me this: If you’re cleaning out your closet, do make sure to donate to the Goodwill and Salvation Army, instead of just throwing everything out like some retailers we know! [WSJ]