Should You Pursue A Second Shot With “The One That Got Away”?

I’ve had many potential soul mates. When I was 14, I fell for Rob, a 20-something who worked at my local video store. I used to go in there every day to peruse the new releases, not realizing my constant presence was a dead giveaway for my raging hormonal interest in his tan arms. When he complimented me on my newly henna-ed hair — he noticed?! — I thought for sure that someday he would see the light and realize we were meant to be. Instead, he quit his job and I never saw him again. Over the years, there were others, like Jesse, Tony, Brian, three Adams (must be the male equivalent of “Kate”), Nick, and, of course, my ex-fiancé. But I wouldn’t call any of these men “the one that got away.” I don’t think I’ve had one of those, at least not yet. Apparently I’m in the minority. Audrey Irvine writes on, “We all have experienced that person” whose viability as a soul mate was only hindered by bad timing and circumstance.

Irvine wonders, however, if down the road it’s worth the risk of getting back in touch to see if “the one who got away” could turn out to finally be “the one.” So I ask you, readers, who is your “one who got away”? And have you/would you ever try for a second shot? [CNN]