Jessica’s Style Diary: Thursday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Forever 21 gray dress

  • fake patent leather belt from Windmere
  • leggings from ?
  • boots from Baker’s
  • J.Crew sparkly headband
  • Banana Republic bangles

I don’t have much to say about my outfit today, other than this dress is awesome and I wish I had it in colors other than gray. But can we talk about short hair for a sec?

After a boy-related heartbreak last March, I chopped off my long hair for a chin-length ‘do. I happily rocked the cute things you can do with short hair for 10 months—barrettes! hair bands! butterfly clips!—but by now I’m over it. My ears are cold! Give me my ponytail back, please. But, as those of you who’ve cut your hair short know, you go through this “shaggy” phase in between short hair and shoulder-length hair. Luckily, I’ve amassed an epic collection of hair doodads to de-escalate the situation. The bejeweled J.Crew headband (which probably cost, like, $30—I must be insane to shop at that store!) that I am wearing today is just one of about a dozen headbands that I have. I think it kinda gives my hair a little Betty Draper flip, don’t you think?

If anyone else has growing-out-your-hair tips, please share!